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We have reupholstered thousands of armchairs, sofas, ottomans and dining room chairs.
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Don’t worry about your beloved home furniture showing signs of wear and tear – we’ve got you covered. Our upholstery reupholstery services have brought countless pieces back to life for over 20 satisfied years of customers in the area.

Any time your furniture needs the upholstery that only a professional can provide, we hope you’ll visit Sofa Upholstery. Our customers consistently choose us for furniture upholstery reupholstery and blinds, curtains making in Greater London. We offer outstanding custom upholstery services, including fabrication, restoration, repair and made to measure curtains blinds.

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When it comes to home renovation, reupholstery is a great option for refreshing an old piece of furniture. By restoring or repairing the piece, you can breathe new life into its design and extend its lifespan. In contrast, upholstery refers to simply covering furniture with a fabric or leather cover, and can last anywhere from five to fifteen years depending on the quality of work and materials used. Don’t let your furniture lose its charm over time – consider reupholstery for a beautiful and practical update.